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Supercharge Your Kid's Development with the Great Outdoors

In a world dominated by digital distractions, it's easy to forget the wonders of the great outdoors—especially when it comes to the development of our kids.

But the outdoors offers far more than just a breath of fresh air and sunshine. 

In this blog post, we're diving headfirst into all the benefits of  "nature play"—a powerhouse of developmental benefits for children. 

Get ready to discover how the wonders of nature play can transform your child's development, making fitness fun and learning an adventure!

Children Are Spending Less Time Outdoors

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, children are spending less time outdoors, missing out on the profound benefits of nature play. 

A complex web of factors, ranging from packed schedules, dual working parents, safety concerns, and the allure of digital screens, contribute to this shift.

The result? Kids don't get as many natural play encounters as they need—causing a surge in children suffering from sensory challenges and short attention spans in the classroom. 

This means that getting children to pay attention and concentrate during a lesson becomes more and more difficult. 

The Learning Playground

Nature play goes beyond scraped knees and laughter; it's an educational adventure. It is a great way to build cognitive skills crucial for learning. 

Nature is like an interactive classroom, providing a rich tapestry of sensory experiences. Field trips into the natural world are also a great venue to teach children about science, maths, and environmental stewardship, allowing kids to absorb concepts in an adventurous way.

What's more, nature is a powerful tool for sharpening attention spans. Recent scientific studies have highlighted the link between outdoor play and improved functional behavior—especially in children with ADHD. 

In fact, they proved that children with learning difficulties showed a marked improvement when sensory integration therapy was combined with outdoor play. 

The result was that they were able to function a lot better in and out of the classroom. So if your child is suffering from ADHD, the sensory stimulation of the great outdoors might just be the answer!

The Power of Outdoor Sensory Play

Stepping into the great outdoors is like stepping into a sensory wonderland for a child—with profound implications for their development.

Outdoor play creates a calming environment through nature's sights and sounds, promoting alertness while soothing the senses.

In fact, time spent outdoors is linked to lower stress levels, reducing cortisol, the stress hormone. Nature provides a serene escape, promoting mental well-being through the calming sounds and sights it offers.

Furthermore, outdoor activities provide opportunities for heavy work like lifting, pulling, and digging. Research has shown that these types of activities are essential sensory diets for growing children. They build a child's ability to focus and to self-regulate.

Finally, there is a profound social development benefit to the great outdoors. Spending time with other children, siblings, and adults in nature, the garden, or in the sea, is a great way for a child to develop social skills

Outdoor play encourages cooperation, communication, and resilience through shared spaces and nature-inspired projects.

The Outdoors is a Developmental Powerhouse

Decades of research echo the profound impact of outdoor play on children's development. 

It's a catalyst for fundamental tasks, promoting physical health and stress reduction, and even offering therapeutic benefits for children with autism.

There is a strong connection between nature play and developing fundamental skills in children. Outdoor play, particularly in open-ended settings, offers therapeutic benefits beyond scraped knees and joyous laughter.

Here are some of the ways that nature play can supercharge your child's development: 

1. Develops Self-Regulation

Nature play stimulates the senses through varied experiences like touching soil, hearing rustling leaves, and feeling sunlight warmth. These natural sensory inputs foster self-regulation by exposing children to unpredictable textures and sounds, enhancing emotional regulation skills.

2. Attention Span Increase

Nature serves as a dynamic backdrop for honing attention and focus. Exposure to natural settings has been proven to improve concentration and attention span, vital cognitive skills for learning.

3. Develops Proprioception 

Nature play challenges the body with varied terrains, enhancing proprioception. From climbing rocks to navigating uneven paths, each activity refines body awareness and coordination.

This challenges the body's sense of position and movement, enhancing body awareness and coordination through varied terrains.

4. Engages the Vestibular System

Swinging, spinning, and running on natural landscapes engage the vestibular system, contributing to improved balance, coordination, and spatial orientation through activities like swinging and running.

5. Develops Fine Motor Skills

Nature play is a treasure trove of fine motor experiences, from picking up delicate flowers to manipulating natural materials, refining precision and dexterity.

6. Auditory Development

The auditory symphony of the outdoors serves as a natural alerting mechanism, fostering an alert state of being through birds chirping, leaves rustling, and the distant hum of nature.

7. Promotes Alertness

Outdoor play creates a sensory haven, soothing the mind with the gentle sway of leaves and the touch of the breeze. It promotes alertness while calming the senses—a perfect balance for your child's well-being.

Exciting Outdoor Activities that Benefit Your Child

Venturing into the great outdoors goes beyond a simple escape from modern life—it's a powerhouse of sensory development for your child.

When a child engages with nature in a meaningful way, it satisfies deep-seated sensory needs that they didn't even know they had.

To help you get your kids into the great outdoors—or just simply into the garden—here are a couple of invigorating activities that will benefit both their bodies and minds:

1. Climb Trees

When a kid goes up into the branches of a tree, they discover the world from a new perspective. This builds their gross motor skills, spatial awareness, and courage.

2. Play Lawn Games

From classics like tag and hide-and-seek to inventive games, the open lawn transforms into an adventure zone of imaginative play, fostering social skills and coordination.

3. Backyard Tag Games

Tag, a timeless game, promotes cardiovascular health, endurance, and the joy of active play.

4. Play at a Playground

You'd be surprised by the right sensory experience that children can have in a playground—that combines vestibular input, fine motor activities, and social interactions.

5. Hopscotch

This classic sidewalk game refines balance, coordination, and counting skills, merging fun with developmental benefits.

6. Play at the Beach

The beach provides a sensory banquet—sand for tactile input, waves for auditory stimulation, and endless space for movement.

7. Play Pretend Games

Encourage imaginative play, fostering creativity, social skills, and emotional regulation.

8. Play in the Woods

Nature's playground, the woods, invites exploration, promoting gross motor skills, spatial awareness, and a deep connection to the environment.

9. Go on a Nature Walk

A stroll in nature engages all senses, offering visual, auditory, tactile, and olfactory input, enhancing attention and awareness.

10. Water Play or a Water Sensory Bin

Water play introduces tactile sensations and proprioceptive input, promoting motor planning and creativity.

11. Play with the Sprinkler or Hose

A simple garden hose transforms into a sensory tool, offering refreshing water play and engaging gross motor activities.

12. Messy Play

Don't be afraid to get a little dirty! Activities like mud play not only enhance sensory experiences but also encourage creativity and tactile exploration.

In Conclusion

Decades of research underscore the profound impact of outdoor play on children's development, offering not just developmental milestones but a prescription for health.

It reduces stress, alleviates ADHD symptoms, protects against myopia, and boosts the immune system. The benefits extend to daily life skills, enhancing self-dressing, movement, visual perception, and more.

This means it's time to swap the digital buzz for the rustle of leaves and the warmth of sunlight! Let's get our little ones moving and grooving in the great outdoors.

Kids today might not be spending enough time outdoors, but at Fitkidz, we've got that covered! 

At Fitkidz, we're not just organizing outdoor activities; we're crafting experiences that fuel your child's growth and success. It's not just about getting active; it's about having a blast while doing it.

Join us as we explore, learn, and play together in the sensory-rich outdoors. Because when your child believes in themselves, embraces challenges, and keeps that can-do spirit alive, the possibilities are limitless!

Let the adventure begin, and let Fitkidz be your partner in nurturing the champions of tomorrow!

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