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What is FitKidz?
FitKidz is a fun and scientifically-validated program designed to promote physical conditioning and healthy habitz in preschool children aged between 3 and 6.
How is FitKidz different from other programs for young children?
FitKidz is designed specifically for preschool children, with a focus on promoting physical activity and conditioning in a fun and engaging way. Our program is backed by scientific research and is designed to help children develop the physical skills and healthy habits needed for a lifetime of health and wellness.
What type of activities does FitKidz include?
FitKidz includes a variety of activities designed to promote gross movement skills, cardiovascular fitness, posture, and overall health. These activities can include running, jumping, crawling, balance activities, and more.
Can children with physical disabilities participate in FitKidz?
Yes, we strive to make our program inclusive and welcoming to all children. Please contact us to discuss your child's specific needs and how we can accommodate them.
How long are FitKidz sessions?
FitKidz sessions are typically around 30 minutes.
Why are spotz limited?
We limit the number of children in each session to ensure that each child receives individual attention and support.
What should my child wear to FitKidz sessionz?
Children should wear comfortable clothes and tekkiez suitable for physical activity.
Can parents participate in FitKidz sessions with their child?
Our program is designed to encourage children to participate independently, but parents are welcome to observe and cheer on their child from the sidelinez.
Can my child try out FitKidz before committing to a full program?
Yes, we offer trial sessions so that you and your child can experience FitKidz before committing to a full program. Please contact us to schedule a trial session.
Why do you swap your S's and Z's?
It's just one of our habitz.